Our Professional Services

Hanovia offers a wide range of services in the fields of project management, data collection services, data management, and logistics management.

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Data Collection, Survey & Management Services

Hanovia Limited provides professional quantitative and qualitative data collection services, as well as project management expertise in Nigeria and the wider West Africa region.

Quantitative & Qualitative Surveys: We are capable of collecting large scale quantitative data by administering and managing extensive surveys, as well as more granular qualitative data through focus group discussions. We have for example experience in collecting complicated vignette case-study data from midwives and nurses to measure provider knowledge. Hanovia is also able to collect biomarker data relating to a wide range of health conditions, including infectious and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), chronic illnesses (such as diabetes, micronutrient deficiencies), and exposure to environmental toxins.

CAPI: We have ample experience using paper-and-pencil and innovative Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing  (CAPI) techniques to collect data from urban and rural households, businesses, patients & health centres, communities and many other entities. We support high quality survey design when needed, as all high quality data starts with a good survey tool. Before going to the field, Hanovia extensively pretests surveys to improve the flow and in order to reduce potential sources of errors. In Nigeria, lots of local languages are spoken. Our translation support ensures that the materials accurately capture the intended meaning of the researchers.

Enumerator Pool: We work with hundreds of experienced enumerators that we can deploy on a moment’s notice. All of our enumerators are rigorously screened and trained to collect the highest-level data quality possible.

Quality Control: Highest-level quality data for our clients is our main goal. Our in-house data analysis experts can put data quality checks in place that allow us to control the quality of incoming data in real-time to make adjustments if necessary. As part of our quality checks, we use GPS coordinates, audio and video recordings, as well as extensive back-check procedures.

Ethical standards: We also support our clients in obtaining ethical clearance from academic and/or government Institutional Review Boards (IRB) for human subjects survey and research work. In all our surveys, we ensure that the privacy of our respondents is not violated.

Project & Logistics Management

Hanovia provides seamless technical assistance & project management solutions to enhance excellent project delivery in Nigeria. Our services include manpower-training and the execution of large-scale surveys. We also provide digital maps for health planning purposes as well as logistics management services.

For many of our data collection projects, we are working with dedicated project-related field staff from all over Nigeria.

We train and test our data collectors/enumerators rigorously and on a regular basis to ensure that they are well equipped to fulfill the tasks that we deliver to our clients. Only those that reach the best scores in our tests are being retained and are able to work with us.

Once a data collector has succesfully demonstrated her or his skills, we consider them for a promotion as a field supervisor or team leader.